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Extra Curricular Activities Are Part of Students Learning


Extracurricular activities are important for students. Parents think that these activities are a waste of time. Their children cannot give proper time to their studies that are not correct. However, according to children without playing without doing extra activities they cannot even study. Extracurricular activities help to maintain a student's physical health as well as mental health. These activities give a good impact on students’ performance related to their studies. These activities include various types of games and sports that are cricket, hockey, badminton, tennis, football, chess and so on.


In the school, colleges and university students are supposed to work hard and they need to work on their studies properly. They need complete concentration and effort to pass their exams. Often they need to hire dissertation writing services to take pre-assessment help. Without the hard work and effort, nobody can achieve his or her goal of the life. Most of the time it happens that parents and other relatives want their children to be the educations as well as best doctor or engineer and something related to these fields, but some students want to play cricket they want to become the cricketer and they want to adopt different types of games’ professional.


Their parents never allow them and they got irritated as well as they lose their self-confidence. They do not effort hard to work on their studies. They even cannot concentrate on their studies properly and lose their marks. This is a sort of failure of the parents as well as for the students. Extracurricular activities are the part of student’s life and studies. For instance, there are two students. One of them is very intelligent and he used to get higher grades in studies, but he does not take part in other activities. The other one is that students who used to take part in extra activities and he is the average student in the school.


If you will compare them, they will be not on an equal level, but the second one will win the comparison. Because he will be physically and mentally fit rather than the first one. Getting an education is not enough, you need to be good in other activities as well. There are so many schools where teachers used to conduct a series of games related to sports, competitions related to singing, playing, cards making and so on and so forth. These activities used to be the part of student life. Every student is supposed to take part in these activities so that they could learn something properly.


All the extracurricular activities are the part of one’s life. Through these activities, you can relax your mind. You can fresh your mind. Your body and mind both will work healthy and perfect. Teachers, and especially parents, should allow their children to play and to take part in these activities even though they should motivate their children to take part in these extracurricular activities. Through the motivation of parents, relatives, friends and teacher students can achieve anything in their life effortlessly.