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How Use of Technology in the Classroom is Harmful for Students


The current educational system is becoming heavily dependent on technology; whether it is in the class or their homes, students are beginning to rely on technology to work on their coursework, conduct research, and write their papers. Students now have access to iPads, laptops, and e-books in the classroom and every student now seems to be individually busy. They find working on computers, laptops, and other digital devices much easier as compared to using a pen and paper and using books to study as it just takes a click or a swipe and the deed is done.  There is no doubt that technology has upgraded the system of education all over the world and made it easy for teachers and students to connect on a better and clearer level but like everything else, this also has its drawbacks and disadvantages.  Despite the world of good that the use of technology in class brings, it is also harmful to students and causes problems in various ways which might not be apparent immediately.

Research by a PhD dissertation writing service shows that when it was first introduced in the classroom, technology was believed to be the main factor that increased motivation and enhanced self-esteem in the students with the ability to work within a short time and complete all the tasks most competently. However, with the passage of time experts have begun to notice things that were not so apparent before and it took time and some testing to see what is good and what can be made good. It was found that excessive use of technology in the classroom is harmful to students, and it has been creating problems for them that have their effects in the long run. This article discusses in detail the harmful effect of using technology in class and how it can affect their growth and development in the future.

Loss Of Personal Connection:

Too much use of computers, iPads, and laptops has led to the loss of personal connection between students as well as among students and teachers. With time, students are losing their ability to make friends, develop social connections, and connect on a deeper level with others as they no longer sit and work together, discuss problems and do things normally. Everyone is busy with their device and only makes use of technology to solve problems, seek solutions, and do their work which means students become anti-social and do not develop any personal connection with others.

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Too Much Distraction In Life:

Technology has become more of a distraction in life that prevents students from focusing on what they are doing and do it wholeheartedly. Many students have a better grasp on technology than their teachers or mentors and even when teachers tell them not to use technology or seek help from technology regarding a particular task, students find a way around it to do what they want, whether it is regarding their assignments or classroom or using social media to connect with their friends and even playing games. All this becomes a big diversion for students as they are unable to focus on their education, and their grades suffer as a result.

Increasing Dependency On Artificial Intelligence:

Too much use of technology in the classroom is making students dependent on artificial intelligence and apps and tools that help them to everything from writing to editing and proofreading to even managing the tone and style of their assignments. All this is a negative sign as it means that students are no longer using their brains or intelligence to work but depend on these apps and tools to complete their tasks. It might work in their academic life and they might achieve desired results but it will create a lot of problems for them when they step in the professional world where they will be evaluated on basis of their intelligence and capabilities.

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Leads To Disproportion:

It might seem that technology is accessible to all but this is not true; many schools do not have the funds or the facilities to offer technology-based programs to their teachers or some students do not have access to technology in their homes due to several reasons. This promotes inequality among students as to when not everyone has the same chance of learning, they cannot be judged on the same criteria, and due to lack of access to technology, they might not be able to secure good grades and jobs in the future.  It is essential to understand that too much use of technology in the classroom can prove to be harmful to students, and it could have long term effects on the learners as well as the society if things are not managed timely.